Hello! Baby Makar four years old. He likes to play with toys and learn new. Together with baby Makar you can learn colors, learn letters. alphabet and numbers, sing songs and play toys We will be glad to see you among our subscribers =)

What do you see  by Hello Makar A rooster and a magic bottle. Makar makes fruit Ice Cream Makar and mom play with ice-cream Put On Your Shoes Song Comptines Et Chansons | À Bébé Chanson Hello Makar Driving in My Car by Makar) Hello Makar  Boo Boo Story MaKar hungry-cooking pasta Baby doll Baby Bon crying-found in the woods Stories for Kids Дети играют с красками Maker play and dance with Family New house for Nikita* Funny video for kids with Makar Куклы не хотят спать Полина как мама ухаживает за детками Makar plays with dolls Makar Five little Monkey Toys Makar, Fruits and song Baby, Baby-Yes mom) 10 little dino +More kids songs by Makar Stories for Kids Older brother plays with Makar and Ksenia London Bridge and pool Makar and Teletubbies Makar and friends play  with toy Doll Boo boo song with Dolls Makar doesn't want to brush his teeth Educational video for Kids Johny song with baby Makar Children wash dishes in a toy sink Stories for Kids Mommy help me please by Hello MaKar Makar plays with ballons This is the real Santa Claus! Doctor Checkup  Song-by Makar The real family Makar Makar and video for kids  Where Is Thumbkin  Song Makar   Let's go shopping- Makar and dentist song Brush Your Teeth! Makar and Ice Cream Song| Hello Makar Полли Долли Английские песенки-потешки Makar and No no  Song Who took the sweets? Rain rain go away (new version) by Makar Makar and Finger Family Song Hello my friend by Makar and Family Play Safe Song (a new version) Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs Dentist Song Different Version | Canciones Infantiles con Makar Stories for Kids-wash your hands story Yes Yes Vegetables Song | Makar Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs Clean up the room by Makar Простая детская песенка потешка Папа пальчик أMiss Polly Makar song for kids Makar and Police Song Makar and magic box Sweet story Baby Shark | Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes Makar and Bingo and More Song Makar and a Funny story about a Tooth! Stories for Kids about a kitten Super cops catch criminal -Makar finge ter uma irmã bebê Stories for Kids Makar helps Ksenia with the housework Подбросили котят Новый домик для питомцев Song by Makar  Three Kittens Веселая история про розовую гориллу Soap bubbles by Makar Makar and Teletubbies  Sick Song 12345 once I caught a fish alive  Nursery Rhymes & Songs For Children Stories for Kids Makar and Boo Boo song + more  kids songs 2019 Makar taught to wash their hands 4 strict moms jump song  Stories for Kids Canción de La Familia Dedo  and Finger  Funny Family Makar makes bubble bath and bathes the doll Makar pretend play with Song about Miss Polly Makar's morning routine! Daddy finger where are you? Stories for Kids Song Три кота Английские Песни для детей Hello Makar bebé Inglés rimas  2019 Учимся стрелять из игрушечного лука по шарикам Makar and Nikita police are looking for the letters ABC song Makar and song about Johny Funny Pumpkins for Halloween| Video for kids Masha& Makar plays with Polly and dolly #5 Who took the CANDYS? A good dentist Song by Hello Makar Uncle treats Makar with Sick song Gorillas jumping with vegetables Makar plays with a Toy Monkey amusing stories for kids Macar y mono de juguete Wash your hands* Makar afraid of germs Makar and Ksenia  playing with colorful Slime* Family Fun for kids Makar Go To School Learn Colors  with Alphabet Monster under my bed - story on Halloween night Makar and Boo Boo song. (New version with bandages) Stories for Kids Семья пальчиков и песенка ля детей на английском Why did the Christmas tree fall? Makar and the story about ice cream Dolls got sick - the story of Polly Canción familiar para niños-rimas inglesas If you're  happy Happy song by Makar Kids Pretend Play with pool toys 😢My pool is better! Stories for Kids Hello  song by Makar Makar and Do You Like Broccoli Song Makar and the Princess vs the pirates * Funny story about diamonds Five Little Ducks | Kids Songs | Super Simple Songs by Hello Makar Stories for Kids Polly and Mary dance Who took the Lollipop? Makar and the funny story with the baby born doll Макар и История о том как важно мыть руки и соблюдать правила Stories for Kids Makar  and a Sewing machine Почему нельзя есть Много МОРОЖЕНОГО? Story about Ice cream Makar and friend  play  with toy Candy Yes Yes broccoli by Makar Makar and chocolate shoes Stories for Kids As Makar pancakes cooked Song  for Kids Макар ест молоток? Игра шоколад как съедобное и настоящее Who took the CHOCOLATE? Super cops catch criminal Makar and Anna pretend play Policeman Makar and Funny story about juice Stories for Kids Makar and  LOL surprise Makar pretend play with 5 monkeys Макар играет с куклой Алешей и купает его Дождик уходи Песенки для малышей Masha plays with Miss Polly song #1 My friend Song for kids by Makar Makar and Ksenia superheroes play with balloons Makar and surprises toys in small pools Stories for Kids Do You Like Broccoli Ice Cream? with Makar and kids Makar plays hide-and-seek| Макар показывает игрушки Макар играет с куклой как няня No No Bedtime Nursery rhymes Song like a CoCoMelon Comptines anglais canciones en inglés para niños Finger Family song-what is drawn incorrectly? Makar Happy Birthday, bebé rimas canción  familiares para los niños 2019 This Is The Way | Stories for Kids Songs + more song 🙈 동요와 어린이 노래  Hello Malar Children play with balloons Stories for Kids Makar and a funny story about watermelon Stories for Kids Hello & Play Safe song Happy Birthday to You Макар забыл про День Рождения? Makar helps Ksenia become a beautiful Toy for girls Who took the CANDYS? 2 Makar washing dishes in the sink toy Makar Finger Family Song Makar and BINGO - my dog Old MacDonald Had A Farm  Nursery Rhymes Makar and a funny story about the Easter Bunny Nikita, Makar and Polly play with balloons-Very old and funny video Balloons song by Hello Makar Макар не хочет мыть руки Makar   Peek a Boo Song Bath song by Hello Makar Makar and Daddy finger song If you're happy happy happy clap your hands SONG by MAKAR sick song  by Makar Dentist Song and More Nursery Rhymes Kids Songs by HELLO MAKAR Makar plays with kinetic sand Who Took The Cookie From The Cookie Jar? | Nursery Rhymes | Hello Makar | Kids Songs Makar and Ksenia play with paints Макар превратился в малыша как кукла беби борн Stories for Kids Макар не любит чистить зубы Образовательная английская песня No No Song for kids Profession Song Makar for kids Boo Boo Song Stories for Kids Макар делает мороженое из кинетического песка The best SONGS and STORIES about HALLOWEEN by Hello Makar Apples  song by Makar 1,2,3-Makar Funny story Polly sings the color song about the  Hubba Bubba Masha alleyway to sleep Makar Песенка про Джонни для малышей Makar  Clap Hands ( Dinosaur Version ) Ksenia and Princess pretend  play Ice cream shop by Hello Makar Makar and Boo Boo morning story Makar nanny-Broccoli or Swets? Stories for Kids Непослушная кукла и новая коляска Makar and Dentist Song Johny Johny Yes Papa Song (Pizza Version) Stories for Kids How to catch a thief. Funny stories from Makar Makar with friends DANCE Daddy finger song  -by Makar Makar paint masks for  Family (Daddy Finger) Sleeping Bunnies  By Makar Дети играют с пальчиковыми красками Children cannot play together My Hello Kitty Makar Boo-Boo Story about Princess. Daddy finger Fruit song- Hello Makar Ten In The Bed song Makar Canción de la familia Time To Go To Bed para niños 2019 by Makar Bebé Inglés rimas Дети кормят кукол кашей из песочка Makar and Police Funny story Five little monkeys    by Makar itsy bitsy spider song by Makar Makar and song monkey jumping on the bed Night routine by Makar and Doll Kids Song Makar мграет в школу с Ксюшей 5 Little Speckled Frogs by Makar Breakfast for mom  by Makar Makar Peek-a-Boo Song- Thomas and Friends Trains Big bear broke a new house for children. Police officer Makar helps find the child Stories for Kids Зубы чистим каждый день) Chalk Basic colors to Learn for Children Lots of baby songs by Makar This is the Way We Brush Our Teeth | Kids Songs by Makar 5 little ducks by Makar Makar and dad on a crocodile farm Stories for Kids-Guess the shadows of a little baby Song by Makar Clap Your Hands with Makar Makar play and dance with toy Hands Колеса у автобуса крутятся Canción de la familia para niños  Kids plays with 5 little monkey Song rimas inglesas Makar plays with Play Doh Makar and Story about Polly Rain rain go away song with dinosaurs Stories for Kids I want to be like Johny Song  Makar  Stories for Kids Funny color song by Makar Makar pretend play with doll &  Spider #2 Макар и Поли красят игрушечные ручки Makar plays on the beach with a Color Song Makar wants to eat a Lollipop-Hairstyle Chupa Chups Lollipops Peek-a-boo story for children Makar  Song Johny  by Makar & dolls The boo boo story Comptines Et Chansons | À Bébé Chanson Hello Makar Ксюша - Няня для Макара Cafe for friends* Funny story with Makar Makar and Nikita pretend play  Story about fruts Makar Playing Toys and Car! Kids staged a candy challenge |Stories for Kids Makar pretend play with colorful dolls Funny story about Three Little Kittens by Makar Makar cantando a Canção das Cores e o Makar finge brincar de pegar seu Lipstick Stories for Kids Makar police officer saves a child Дождик уходи Песенки для детей на английском Makar 10 Little Dinosaurs Sick Song  by Makar miss polly had a dolly song Skidamarink (Makar&Ksenia Version) Makar and little dolls Swimming in the Sink Police song by Makar-Kids Song Rock-A-Bye Baby Lullaby |Колыбельная песенка для Макара More Kids Video by Makar As Makar and Bear from bees ran away. Halloween Stories for Kids from Makar Children Song with Makar and Nika - Red color where are you? Stories for Kids Races on bicycles Funny video with Makar for kids Children in the car-song Stories for Kids Canción de La Familia Dedo Christmas Family  version  by Makar Song for kids Police Makar looking for 3 little kittens Новый супермаркет игрушки для детей Makar  We wash our hands Makar and  3 little monkey jumping on the bed  Episode 5 Humpty Dumpty Story   by Makar Дети играют с игрушкой крокодилом и песенкой про Джонни Makar  Finger Family song Peek-a-Boo where are you? Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs by Makar Ксюша как няня для Макара This Is The Way | Nursery rhymes & Children's Song by Makar Stories for Kids Makar and Dance Like Animal Song for kids Canción de La Familia Dedo  and video for kids Candys  Version Макар и Маша рисуют. Makar pretend play with  Kittens Doctor Song by Hello Makar Makar plays with  TOY MONKEY Makar  Boo boo song with Mom and kids Story about Makar Makar  Ice Cream Song Никита купает куклу беби борн и спасает паучка  Song by Hello Makar Makar and Monkey plays with Kinetic sand This is the way  song Макар строит домик из пазлов Five little monkeys 🙈 동요와 어린이 노래 | Kids Song #1 Story about Jonny by Makar Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song by Makar and Ksenia Daddy finger songs with baloons Happy  song for kids by Makar Episode 5 Makar and Ksenia treat doll Polly pretend play a nanny Historia de la princesa Blancanieves Nueva versión Makar and 5 little dolls jumping  in the bed Funny song for kids Makar found a doll and pretends to be a parent If You're Happy | Super KIDS  Songs # 1 Makar-chocolate challenge and harmful sweets Stories for Kids Makar and 5 Mom with bucket Funny song Makar plays with Rain Children prepare pizza Stories for Kids Makar and story about Monkey Живая кукла угощает Макара чаем серия 2 Макар и миньон чистят зубы Makar chooses professions Stories for Kids 5 little ducks Song by Makar Nice day at the beach for Makar and his friends Song for kids Makar doesn't wash his hands Stories for Kids Живая кукла  не слушается Полину серия 1 Makar paint animal masks (Finger family song ) Color song with Balloons Stories for Kids Song Who took the candy? Funny animals and Makar Sister treats Makar-Sick song Makar and Polly play with  kinetic sand i Story about miss Polly and dolly Девочка играет в планшет и ест сладости 5 little ducks + More Nursery Rhymes & Kid Songs Hello Makar Stories for Kids Макар и обезьянка играют с песенкой про мороженое Play safe song (Version in the Park) 2020 Stories for Kids Makar and Nikita plays with colorful juice Makar buys a new house Макар учит названия овощей на английском Видео для малышей Микробы на руках Дети играют в доктора Hello Makar Rabbits change the candy of vegetables Makar's making pancakes The doctor says to brush your teeth (Color song) Stories for Kids The Boo Boo Story from Makar and Ksenia Stories for Kids Живая кукла и фабрика мороженого Where Is Thumbkin by Makar and Masha if you happy -clap your hands  kids song by Makar Stories for Kids 5 little monkeys song Makar and Ksenia paint t-shirts Magic candies and costumes. Ninja and Lady Bug How to make black ice cream?  (new version) Johnny Yes Papa by Hello Makar Play Safe Kids Song  by Makar If you're happy clap your hands by Makar #2 Police song Finger family and Best children's songs and stories Scary costumes for Makar and battle for candy. It's Halloween Разноцветные маски Развивающее видео для малышей This is my pool-I will not give Nikita and Makar not shared toys Макар и Никита собираются в школу Утро перед школой This Is the Way песня Маша и Макар не поделили игрушечную собаку Sick Song by Makar Поваренок Макар не любит огурцы ABC Alphabet song with Makar (Letters A-O) #1 sick song 2 😰 | Stories for Kids Раскрасили майки с дедушкой Guess the shadows of a little baby Song by Makar Makar having fun with Animals Makar is building a new house Makar and Go brush your teeth Song | Hurry Up Morning Routine Nursery Rhymes & Song for Kids miss Polly dolls Makar Дети укладывают кукол спать Вечер с куклами Дети делают домик для кроликов 10 little vegetables song for kids be Makar Best  Kids Video by MaKar Makar and song  Five Little Ducks Makar  Morning routine Song Салон красоты Маша хочет быть красивой Nikita and Polly play with colorful dolls Canción familiar para niños-rimas inglesas by Makar Cat Finger family song Stories for Kids Makar learn number 1 to 5 with   kinetic sand Makar and Teletubbies play with balloons and song Daddy finger Dolls do not want to sleep Video for kids Why is a lot of ice cream harmful? Funny story about Makar Новый друг пришел на ДЕНЬ РОЖДЕНИЯ Макара Дети рисуют и изучают цвета и фрукты Makar plays with BIG TOYS Makar and Polly for kids Where are the dolls? Canción de La Familia Dedo Song  Halloween Version Stories for Kids Five little monkey Jumping on the bed by Makar Забыли про День Рождения? Макар и Полина идут в магазин за покупками Brush your teeth with a doll Song Stories for Kids by Makar Makar and the magic shower of candy Stories for Kids Дети играют в магазин и покупают овощи Полицейский Макар раскрыл преступление Видео для детей Макар и новая игра - челлендж шоколад как съедобное и настоящее Не надо бояться доктора. Макар и Маша играют 10 little dinosaurs Song Makar and Polly  Play Hide and Seek Makar Do you like Broccoli Makar and Sick Song Stories for children-Makar and Ksenia help animals boo boo version Red ice cream where are you? Song Stories for Kids Макар и Маша гуляют в супермаркете Makar and Dr. Polly treat doll humpty dumpty sat on a wall song by Makar Babies to Sleep by Makar Makar does sports Stories for Kids Дети играют и надувают воздушные шарики Makar and Polly play with Toys Полина и куклы пупсики на пляже Hello Makar Makar and colorful lipstick Makar and  it’s time to eat your broccoli Makar  Let's play together. Makar plays hide and seek with Lollipop Makar juega con una muñeca en la playa. Formación de color con Caja de arena 5 Dolls Makar Song Miss Polly Had a Dolly Songs Stories for Kids Who ate my lunch? Makar and Niki go to school Jack and Jill Song  by Makar Children's song Daddy Finger What do you do (New version) Driving in My Car with baby Makar