Super Annie is an entertainment channel for children. Annie is the main character of all the videos. She is a very artistic and positive girl. Annie, together with her sister Tina, try on various roles, turning into a doctor, a salesman, a slimer, a princess from a fairy tale, a superhero and even a tricky sister. In her videos, Annie shows a lot of interesting toys: disney princesses, the heroes of the famous cartoon Toy Story, play houses, dolls, slimes, a scooter and cosmetics. In addition to entertaining stories, Annie shows what is good and what is bad, how to behave well and how children should not behave in an easy playful way. Role-playing games contribute to the development of the child’s imagination and thinking, as well as attract with their brightness and humor. If you don’t know what to do with your child to make it interesting, and most importantly to spend his time with benefit, subscribe to the Super Annie channel and watch our videos.

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