Cinematic shorts with Action, Sci-fi and VFX! My name is Raghav and I'm a filmmaker+VFX artist bringing cool characters and ideas to Real Life. Check out my videos and consider subscribing :) FAQs: 1. Can you make a video based on "____"? I love getting ideas from my audience, so leave a comment and I'll do my best. 2. What programs do you use? After Affects with Element3D, Redgiant Universe, Blender, EmberGen, Davinci Resolve. 3. Best resources to learn VFX? For After Effects- VideoCopilot, For Blender- Blender Guru, Grant Abbitt, Ian Hubert, CG Geek, Jayanam, CG Matter, Ducky3D. 4. Best resources for Action stock footage? - Production Crate, Video Copilot, ActionVFX, Film Riot. 5. Computer Specs and camera gear? PC- Dual Titan RTX, i7 8700k, 64GB RAM| Camera- Sony A6500, Zhiyun Crane v2 Gimbal 6. When's your next video? I post once every 3-5 weeks (Normally) VFX and Animation takes time to create, so subscribe to my channel and 'bell it' to make sure you don't miss it :)

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