MilaDa - Children's channel for kids with funny children named Milan and Danya. Together we develop and play fun at children's playgrounds and at home with mom and dad, as well as studying colors and learning to count. Join us, let's be friends;)

Little Danya Builder | Build the Railroad and Train for Children | kids Story Milana and Mom Make Color SLIM! Guess what's inside a balloon? Children's Challenge Fun Kids Playground Games with Cars and Funny Weekend with Parents Song Wheels on the Bus Dad and Children play hide and seek at the Children's playground! Funny songs for children A Fun Milana Pretend Play story kids Doctor Mom and Milana Play Sick and doctor play Milana and Doll Pretend play Are you sleeping Brother John Song Nursery Rhymes from MilaDa Funny Baby Danya Little Driver playing toys car and Learn Color Cars Nursery Rhymes song For kids يلعب الطفل وأولياء الأمور مع لعبة مضحكة المخاط للأيدي  أغاني مضحكة للأطفال Milana and Danya Kids shopping cars for Baby Wheels on the Bus Songs Children Invite Parents to Play  Nursery Rhymes & Song for children and Kids Playground Children are Looking for Surprises at home Hide and Seek with Toys in house LOST CAT! Where did the kitten go? Milana Mom and Dad Looking for a Cat! WE PLAY Hide and Seek at the Children's Camp Милана и Даня играют на машинках изучают цвета Milana pretend play Indoor Playground childrens cars Big Colored Balls and Surprises Inside Milana and Danya Pretend Play Funny Stories With Dolls Toys Mom & Children play on playground! Mom sleeping Milana lost her Little Pony Funny songs for children Dad and Mila Play Unusual BASKETBALL Family Pretend Play Fun Game with children at home! Who will be the winners Danya and Dad Pretend play in the Professions Police Children Milana and Danya Pretend Play Best Outdoor Playgrounds for kids Amusement park Funny playtime Pretend Play Dad cooks for Milana! Why Milana does not eat? Dad as Cook! Kids Pretend Play the Police and Salesperson Profession Mila and Danya Playing Hide and Seek with Mom and Dad Milana and Danya Playing Family hide and seek with Ghost Pretend Playing Hide and Seek in suit Hello Neighbor Fun Entertainment with Parents Kids Song Five little Babies Jumping on the Bed Colored Balloons and nursery rhyme by MilaDa Funny Pretend Play Family Games Floor Is Lava adventures Chellenge Milana and Danya Play and have fun Children Amusement Park Funny Family Day Indoor Playground for kids fun Play time with Milana and Fun Activities learn colors Milana Looking for Hidden Surprises at home Open surprise Toys! Family Fun Day Milana and Danya play With Mom Best Outdoor Playground for Children Fun Milana Pretend Play Professions Doctor Childrens Toys Funny story Milana Fun Cooking cake at Kitchen Indoor Playground Funny video for kids Milana and Mom Pretend Play Make Slime and play Slime Song for Kids - Wheels On The Bus Nursery Rhymes Chuh chuh a train from MilaDa Family day off  Playing at the Park on the Playground for Kids & Children  Let's Play In The Park Children Milana and Danya playing fun in the kids park with carousels swings and ride the school bus Milana and Danya on the Children Train Song The Wheels on The Bus   Nursery Rhymes Videos Learn Colors With, Little Danya pretend plays on the playground kids Song by MilaDa Milana Danya and Mommy Pretend play with Color Balloons Game Dad and children are looking for sweets at home! Where did mom hide it? Milana and Daddy Pretend Play kids Toys Giant Fish Magic wand Funny Children story Where did Milana hide at home? | Milana Danya and Mommy playing Hide and Seek | MILADA Даня и Мама Играют с Шариками Danya and Mom Play With Funny Balloons Pretend Play Milana Dad and Mom Pretend Play fun games with balloons Mama and Little Girl Play and Learns Colors with SLIME تلعب فتاة صغيرة وتعلم الألوان مع SLIME Children and Parents Pretend Play make Giant Slime Funny Family Day Song for Children Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes – Dancing with kids and Mom By MilaDa Милана и Кукла Утренний День Вместе Кушают и Играют / My morning fun day with Baby Doll Best Playgrounds Funny kids Amusement park \ Children came to Children's Park had fun family Funny Kids play with children's park and Nursery Rhymes Songs for Children & Babies by MilaDa Милана и Даня Играют в Волшебника и Большие Цветные Машинки Mila and Dady PRETEND PLAY TO HELP MOTHER! Found slime in chips  Mom and Mila made two color slimes Funny Playtime Kids Pretended Play Outdoor Playground Milana and Danya have Fun Милана и Кукла Беби Бон Гуляют на Улице Funny Milana and Little Doll Kids story The wheels on the bus Nursery Rhymes and Kids Songs Колеса у Автобуса Крутятся Песенка для детей Milana and Dad all day play a game with small handles Milana and Danya came to the Children's Park Funny video for children Funny kid video Pretend play - Johny Johny Yes Papa Nursery Rhymes Song by MilaDa Милана и Даня УБОРКА и ГОТОВКА ДОМА! Milana and Danya helps Mommy Pretend Play With Cleaning Toys Milana Prepares Mom's Birthday Surprise Cake Mila and Mom Spoiled Slime and Make a Slush Milana and FUNNY STORY For Children About the Professions of Doctor Musician and Cook ABC Alphabet Song and Funny Milana Learn English Nursery Rhymes Songs for Kids Making Slime from Mommy's Mixing Makeup or DIY makeup slime Daddy and Milana Funny Family Play Slime Games Milana and Danya Plays Kids Playground Funny Kids Soccer Nursery Rhymes Milana and Mom play SLIME Jenga CHALLENGE Milana and Danya Had a Fun Day - Fun Indoor Playground Songs for Kids Мама и Милана Играют в Доктора - Milana And Mom Paying With Doctor Toys Pretend Play Toys For Kids Dad FORGOTTEN about MOM and Daughter HOLIDAY! What will happen Comedy story for children Milana Pretend Play For Brother's Birthday! Comedy story for children Milana and Mom Playing kids Waterpark Waterslides and Giant pool Milana Pretend Play and beauty Salon in the kids hair salon Home! New hairstyles for children Funny Babies blows bubbles and laughs Learn colors - Toddlers and Babies Nursery Rhymes Colours Milana and Danya Pretend Play Family Game Tower of colored figures Милана и Даня Приключения в ПАРКЕ РАЗВЛЕЧЕНИЙ для Детей Hide and Seek with Toys and Looking For Lost Kittens At Our Home! Rain rain Go Away Kids Song Nursery Rhymes with Milana, Danya, Mommy and Daddy, Family Songs Mila and the Story About how to Clean Your Room! My morning routine with my toy dog Together we walk and play By MilaDa МИЛАНА Мама и Кошечка Эля Играют в ЦВЕТНЫЕ ШАРИКИ Забавные Семейные игры Gifts and Surprises for the Child! Birthday Danya Train Toy Unpacking Milana and dad are joking with each other We play on the street with balls Milana and Family play Doggie Active and fun game for kids Learn Colors With balloons Nursery Rhymes Song Изучаем цвета английском вместе с цветными шариками Family Table Bowling Fun Video for Kids and children play hide and seek Маленький Даня и Машинки Funny Danya and Toys Surprise Cars Learn colors playing Kids Pretend Play Little Danya had a dream he plays in the children's room with toy cars Funny Music for kids Funny Kids And Mom Pretend Play With Balloon Best Collection Color Balloons video | MILADA Funny Milana and Loved Doll go Supermarket Buy toys kids song Милана и кукла Беби Бон в супермаркете Kids Playtime Milana and Danya Outdoor Playground for Kids Family Fun Adventures Danya and Milana playing on the Playground Open playground with slides and swings Learn colors video Milana Danya and Mom playing Hide and Seek with Balloons | MILADA Milana and Papa Pretend Play Football Toys Games in the yard with children Family Fun and Kids Pretend Play Funny football Milana Hide and Seek Colored Balls Mom and Mila Prepare SLIME at the TOY FACTORY Milana and Danya Plays in Indoor Playground Amusement Park for Kids Милана Даня и Детская комната Funny Colored Balls and Games With Kittens, Learn Colors Along With Milana and the fluffy kitten Milana Looking for Toys On the Outdoor Playground for Children Dream and Entertainment Learn and play with Balloons | Kids song | Educational video Mom and Milana Pretend Play Baby Doll Carousels and Trampolines for Dolls and Milana Маленький Даня играет на ИГРОВОЙ ПЛОЩАДКЕ или ДЕТСКАЯ КОМНАТА  с Шариками для МАЛЫШЕЙ Kids Baby Milana and Mommy Funny Pretend play with Magic Colored Orbeez Weekend family day Children play in the children's park and ride the carousel Kids Pretend Play Rock band Milana and Danya Musical instruments and wake up Mom Outdoor playground for children | Entertainment with Danya looking toy cars on the Playground Milana and Daddy Pretend Play with toys and Playground, Kids Videos song by MilaDa! Mila and Parents Arguing! What did Mila do in the apartment? Funny story for kids Mommy and Milana Pretend Play Color Slime toys Children Nursery Rhymes with Colors for Toddlers Milana and Danya Pretend Play Playground for Kids with Nursery Rhymes Songs Milana and Funny Cat eats Breakfast and Plays Kids Games and teeth brushing Milana and Mom Learn Zoo Animals for Kids and feeds animals Милана и Даня Кормят Животных! Milana Mom and Dad Pretend Play Home Cafe | Funny story Мама и Дети ПОШЛИ в ЗООПАРК Кормят и гладят животных Изучаем Животных Даня и Милана в ПАРКЕ АТТРАКЦИОНОВ Для Детей Family Fun Day Children Amusement Park Family Fun Pretend Play Mom and Milana Best Colored with balloons for kids Забавные игры с Шариками Milana and Papa Pretend Playing with kids Playground in the mall Весело играем в детский комнате Milana and papa Play sleeping at Home Милана и Папа Дома Папа Спит Видео для детей Milana and Danya Family Fun Pretend Play kids Challenge Game Milana and Danya Plays Kids Car Wheels on the Bus Songs Nursery Rhymes Milana Pretend Play with Giant Toys Dog Morning Routine and Outdoor Playground Funny Family Kids and Giant Toys Slime /Together we Pretended Play Have Fun Милана Даня и Лизун Family Fun Plays with Giggle Wiggle Toy Challenge and Colored balls Milana and her parents Pretend play silence! Funny story for kids Milana And Mom Funny Pretend Play Cooking Pizza Children's cook profession Milana and Mom Make Slime and Spin the Wheel of Fortune Milana and doll Sophia Pretend Play Hide and Seek at the Store Mila and Beauty Day 24 hours - Story about kids Fashion Children Play Hide and Seek with Parents in a Suit Hello Neighbor Funny Baby Danya playing Playground and Driving Toy Car and Learn Colors for Kids The Well on the Bus Go Round and Round! Toy Bus and Balls in the room Milana plays with a Home beauty salon and Dad Pretend Play Children play in the Kids Outdoor playground! Where do Milana and Danya play Funny Balloons and Making the Wrong Pink Slime - Relaxing Slime video Funny children's haircut in the hairdresser we play toy cars with toys and make a funny hairdo We play FLOOR THIS LAVA at our HOUSE in real life! Fun Family Game For Family! PRETEND PLAY Hide and Seek with HELLO NEIGHBOR! Milana and Danya Pretend Play with Inflatable Colored Balloons toy Milana and Mom Make Color Slime with Eyes Closed Милана и Маленькая Кукла Беби Бон Подружка Milana Pretend Play with Baby Dolls Milana Pretend Play How the Baby Doll morning brushing teeth Funny Kids Story MILANA CHOOSES TOYS AT A SHOPPING CENTER! What kind of toys did she buy? OH NO! What Did Dad do With Dolls LoL? New LOL Dolls For Daughter from DAD! Milana and Mom Make Watermelon SLIME Fun video with Slime! Mila And Mama Pretend Play Three Slime Chellenge and joke on dad Mom Dad and Mila have a Joke Day! Danya Pretend Sleeping kids Playground Family Fun Day From MiLada Funny kids Milana and Danya Wheels on the Bus Songs Nursery Rhymes for Kids Learn Traffic Light Mom came up with a CHALLENGE for Dad and Daughter Family Fun Milana and Danny and Daddy Funny Playing With Pool kids video Family fun party at home! Mom and Milana joked with Dad Children came up with a Game for Dad! Dad is sad doesn’t want to Play with us Milana and Danya Playing with Fun Kids Shopping Toys  What toys bought? Funny Danya pretend play Driver and Play with toys Police Car and color cubes kids Playground Sweets Colors Candy for Kids – Five Finger Family Funny Song Nursery Rhymes Dad and Daughter Milana Launch Toy rockets into the sky, a funny video for children