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Silly Fun Babysitting Disaster or Coolest Babysitter EVER?! You Decide!!! 3 MARKER CHALLENGE!!!! Sis Vs Bro Style!!! Can you pick a Winner??? Kids RULE Skit! Gav and Gia decide to make their OWN RULES! Will they last?? Silly Kids! Baby at Home Disaster SKIT! Is she Okay? Epic Fail--How did we do this?! HUGE Surprise Package BOX in MAIL! Ride on Car Jeep -- Gia, Baby Sister and Baby Alive  Play! Epic Find! Real Life Baby Troll in the Woods!! Gav and Gia make a HUGE Discovery! OMGosh!! FUNNY Face Swap with Sis, Bro, and Baby! Nursery Rhymes Johny Johny --MUST Watch!!! FROZEN Sleigh Ride On! Ana and Elsa CUTE Sisters, Magical Wand, DISNEY TOY! Boy vs Girl Morning Routine! Sister and Brother Opposites ADORBS! SISTER Sister Fashion Show!! Big Sis vs Baby Sis model Extra CUTESIE OUTFITS! Gia Sis uses MAGIC Wand to turn her Bro into a REAL BABY! So CUTE! Fun Christmas Toy Wish List! Cool New TOYS! Barbie, Lego, Nerf, Ana & Elsa, and MORE Babysitting Disaster Fail SKIT! Surprise Ending...is it all a bad DREAM? Sister Sister! Princess Carriage Ride On Powerwheels FUN! Surprise Package from DISNEY in Mailbox.! I CAUGHT a SUPER HERO in MY HOUSE! Surprise Package in Mail, Special Delivery! Babysitting Fail SKIT! Disaster at Park! Curious Baby, will Gia find her sister? Real Life Mermaid??? SKIT!! When She Gets in the Water-- LOOK OUT!!  Crazy Mystery Babysitting Disaster FAIL at the BEACH SKIT! Girls go to Pool and Beach..Spring Break FUN! WHAAATT???!!! Can Baby Dolls Really Come to LIFE???? See what a MAGIC Wish can do! Gia Orders FAVORITE Baby Doll SKIT, But When She Comes in the Mail, a HUGE SURPRISE! Is She REAL?? AmAzInG TOY Puppy Dog drives Jeep Ride On!! All Alone?!?! SQUISHY Food vs REAL Food Challenge! Sis and Bro! Crazy Soft or Extra Yummy? Gia turns Baby Alive Doll into a Real Girl- Huge Fail! What Should Gia Do???