Hi guys. My name is Logan. I am a lab puppy who loves my new family! Watch to see me grow, play with my friends and make funny videos. You can send me mail here :) PO Box 494 Nampa, Idaho 83653 Thanks for watching and don't forget to Subscribe!

Smelly Stinky Logan Saved by Magic Elsa and Friends 9 Month Old Puppy Logan Plays At The Park With His Friends Puppy Logan Eats Bugs Saved from the Huge Centipede by T-Rex! Logan and Giant Bunny Rabbit Friend Play Together Logan Goes to Jail  - Ninja Jail Escape Fraidy Cat Logan saved by Sammie from Slimer Ghost Logan and Princess Unicorn Surprise Hide and Seek with Friends Puppy Logan goes to the wooded lake to play. Logan finds Bigfoot! 5 Month Old Logan the Puppy Lab Plays with His Toy Minion Logan the Labrador Puppy Plays Hide and Seek With Carter Isabel and Capri Puppy Logan Plays With Carter!  IRL Logan and friends not impressed with Alien Invasion Dance Party Funny Dog Logan and Sasquatch Pretend Play Outside Frozen Elsa Saves the Day A Storm Cloud Keeps the Kids From Playing  With Logan Outside Puppy Logan Takes Crackers from a Pack Rat! RC Car Chase Puppy Logan turns Real and Plays with Princess Elsa | Real Life Puppy Logan and Pack Rat Play At The Park With a  New Frisbee! Logan's First Doctor Visit Puppy Logan chewed up all his toys! Time to go shopping. Meet Logan the White Polar Bear Labrador Puppy Logan Goes to the Beach! First Vacation and Road Trip! Ocean Fun With His Pack! Logan Plays in Water With Blue T - Rex and Carter Brave Logan the Lab Plays with Pretend Maleficent's Magic Bugs