About channel «Funny Kids Songs» "Funny Kids Songs" is our children's video channel. We are two brothers and sister. Here will be kids video, pretend play, toys for kids, video for kids, children play. It's always fun with us. See our adventures, play games with us. We create top-quality, entertaining and educational songs for your child development and education. Our videos help to develop in children: - Love to the family, friendship, kindness and mutual aid. - Our educational video - songs will help children to master colors, forms, professions, new words and other. Also, a creativity in solving life's problems. - Careful attitude to the own body. Many our songs are devoted to physical education, hygiene. Together with our videos children will accustom to the fact, that a care of yourself and athletics are necessary occupations for maintenance of a body in good shape.

Alex plays with Balloons | Daddy Finger Nursery Rhymes | 동요와 아이 노래 | 어린이 교육 무지개 과일 아이스크림 만드는 법동기 Funny Alex is cooking fruit ice cream + more kids videos Alex 는 아이스크림 노래와 함께 연주 Alex plays with ice cream song | 동요와 아이 노래 | 어린이 교육 | Funny Alex 아기 상어가 수영장에 떨어졌습니다 Learn Baby Shark Color with Funny Alex| 핑크퐁 체조! 유치원 교육, 인기동요 Put on your shoes and Hurry Up to School Alex song - Nursery Rhymes Kids Songs 색칠공부를 하면 너는 장난감을 즐긴다? Magic Pen Learn Color with Funny Alex 어린이 노래 - 바닥은 용암 | The Floor is Lava Kids Song