。◕‿◕。 Welcome to SurpriseTube.com! SurpriseTube.com is a kid and family friendly youtube channel Hello and welcome to SurpriseTube.com channel. Our names are Kimmy, Layla, Ava, and Joey and we enjoy watching kid friendly YouTube videos. We make videos of toys!! (Unboxing Reviews) Princess Dolls, Play Doh, My Little Pony, Kinder Surprise Eggs with collecting toys inside, Orbeez Sets, Shopkins. I also love fun activities, Playground Fun, Challenges, Candy Reviews, Family Travel Vlogs and much much more. For questions or business inquiries, feel free to contact us!

The kids have fun at Toys R Us The twins with Cartoon Size Heads ride electric animals The kids visit the Adidas Shoe Store Joey plays with Red Fire Truck Joey plays with RC Lightning McQueen Hatchimals Surprise Egg Hatching with a 1 Year Old Boy Layla dresses up as Frozen Anna and has cake The Twins ride a Sleigh Ride in Compilation Series Layla drives Lightning Mcqueen Car Family Fun & Arcade Games Challenge Learn Colors with M&M's plates 1 Year Old Plays Star Wars with Lightsaber at Toys R Us Joey opens a Chupa Chups Trolls Surprise Egg Hatchimals, something Is Inside! We Have to Hatch it! The twins go to the mall with their dad New Hatchimals Magical Surprise Egg Chuck E Cheese Family Fun The Kids open a Trolls Treasure Chest with Chupa Chups Surprise Egg Kimmy with M&M Chocolate Candy Backpack Ava dresses up as Frozen Anna The Twins dress up as Disney Princess Elsa and Anna The Twins play with Tayo The Little Bus pop up tent The Kids have fun with McDonalds Happy Meal Magic Snack Maker The Twins get the Disney Princess Carriage Ride on