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VLOG | Running errands with the kids. Es Koj Puas Kam Baby falls asleep riding on boat Active baby moving in belly at 33 weeks pregnant TIME LAPSE TESTING | SAHMOMMAMANG Who dances like this? Emma doesn't like ABC, but she loves Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 1 YEAR OLD TRYING TO SING TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR IN HMONG CARTER WAITS FOR EMMA I’VE REACHED 100,000 SUBSCRIBERS!! Tysm ❤️ 15 weeks and 6 days pregnant Newborn baby, Sophia Isabella Baby moving in belly at 35 weeks pregnant Toddler bottle feeding baby I thought she was playing! 1 in the morning & trying to teach your husband to step dance 20 weeks & 6 days belly shot. 7 months old baby getting shots Newborn baby girl coming home from hospital THEY THOUGHT I WAS TAKING A PICTURE KID ON SOME SLEEPING DRUG FOR DENTAL SURGERY Day in the Life of a SAHM | Instagram Story Edition Cute baby pooping and her poopy face! 32 weeks and 2 days pregnant 2 month old baby gets her shots Asking for a bottle Toddler dancing to Mariah Carey HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, SOPHIA ISABELLA ❤️ BTS SPEAK YOURSELF: LOVE YOURSELF TOUR 2019 AT METLIFE STADIUM DAY 1 | Jimin - Serendipity Baby first time on toilet Carter’s first time on the bus! Future vlogger? Brave Chloe Baby can't watch Netflix GRWM | i need a new foundation color Second version of YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME Toddler catching Weedle on Pokémon Go Toddler sings to baby sister Grandma's burial day. Not sure if I’m able to teach them Hmong Green Dino-phia Savage kid VLOG | Charlotte Airport Outlook 2017 Making Panang Curry (not a recipe video) Looks just like Chloe! Toddler and baby rides toy train Toddler tickling baby Toddler singing Reflection by Mulan Kid eating melting ice cream Baby rolled over and bumped her head Toddler doesn’t know how roll down the hill Is it a cough I should be concerned? She keeps asking to try the 2x spicy noodle... Speaking to Chloe in our language (Hmong) & she think it’s hilarious! Been thinking about you all day since Saturday VLOG | Perfect day for splash pad & snow cone! When your family plays too much! Memoji LIP singing Daim Nplooj Ntoos Toddler lip singing to It’s Halloween Night HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY, EMMA DELILAH ❤️ Daddy scares baby 8 month old baby's first time bathing older siblings! Chipmunk Chloe farts. Leon, bubzbeauty's cousin, promoting the Bubbi Brushes. Making Hmoob Nqaij Qab Zib/Hmong Sweet Pork (not a recipe VDO) Cutest puppies ever! We can’t sleep because of SNORING! Attempt Mukbang Xav Hlub by Ka Lia Yang and Pong Vang Toddler made a mess with makeup Newborn baby boy is going home from the hospital 33 weeks pregnant Cuddling my newborn baby girl Trying to keep this virus away from us ❌ Kids performing their made-up song Baby eats rice on her own! Chloe didn’t like face swap with her dad’s face HORRIBLE DRUNK UNCLE SINGING HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG! | Happy birthday, Sophia & Chloe. Not really a YouTube Channel trailer on repeat for 8 times | made it for Sophia 29 weeks pregnant Silly parents & brother! BTS Map of the Soul: 7 album version 1 unboxing MY CLEANING ROUTINE • SAHMOMMAMANG Washing grandma’s potatoes! Baby moving in belly at 32 weeks pregnant Oh baby! I love you, kuv hlub koj..kuv tus maiv os! Good morning, baby girl. Baby sings 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman TIME LAPSE | PLAYING WITH MAKEUP • SAHMOMMAMANG Smiling baby boy Baby was so tired Baby gets her 4 months shots Fighting my husband WEEKLY VLOG #4 | Photoshoot for John Ramsey's EP. TODDLER PRETENDING TO BE BATMAN PT 1 VLOG | Dragon's Breath Emma wakes up before daddy comes home! Big sister loves little brother FUNNY MAGIC TRICK TIME LAPSE | DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SAHM • SAHMOMMAMANG Gift for my parents! Hungry newborn baby girl VLOG | Lazy 5 Ranch Crack my finger prank A few shots and baby Jenga kind of night Baby acne and cradle caps Chloe vlogging and her corn Newborn baby's first bath WEEKLY VLOG #1 | OUR FIRST WEEKLY VLOG (obviously, lol) HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, EMMA DELILAH ♥ When Olivia didn’t like me yet Emma gets a haircut Marker Makeup Toddler got scared of Snapchat filter! 2 year old saying colors 4 months old baby getting shots I'M THAT KIND OF MOM. Yallllllll, happy birthday to SAH-MOMMA-MANG! VLOG | Halloween 2019 Cute toddler using the toilet Superhero Chloe WEEKLY VLOG #3 | Nail clipping is so much fun! When you watch too much outdoor videos | Trying to start a fire Baby moving in belly at 37 weeks pregnant Newborn baby awake and alert Baby moving in belly at 30 weeks pregnant VLOG | Happy birthday, Chloe! Baby moving at 32 weeks pregnant Cute baby falls asleep | Daddy swings baby to sleep Who fart? Cleaning and rearranging kids room | time lapse Cute Asian toddler swinging! HOW TO MAKE SPICY NOODLES & FRIED EGG | a for fun video You found me. Hmong music, doing makeup & kid in the way Crazy catfishing app Making Churros French Toast (watch till the end, lol) oreo cookie challenge BOY MISSES DADDY VLOG | We ate so much in New York City! No regrets!! Newborn baby Sophia is 1 week old JUNGKOOK IS FLYING! Speak Yourself: Love Yourself Tour 2019 at MetLife Stadium | Euphoria Big sister watch baby moving in belly at 37 weeks Um, did that hurt? Silly baby playing with cousins Cute baby talking VLOG | Who doesn't love Krispy Kreme donuts? Hungry hungry newborn baby Toddler speaking Hmong Cross eyed Chloe Baby wants bottle 23 weeks and 2 days pregnant My son asking for baby brothers Sahm doing shot tag for her girlfriend Tiktok made me do it Counting money in Hmong with Grandma! Toyota Celiac GT 1977 Keep insisting it’s ice cream! What my sister did in Best Buy VLOG | H Mart in Cary, NC Attempting the Fortnite Floss 😂 Egg Challenge Ah Eh Tiktok CLEANING HAMSTER CAGE • SAHMOMMAMANG (reupload) Making Valentine Treat Bags | time lapse 1 month old Chloe Silly baby mimicking to My Singing Monsters 100th days of school = 100 photos of Carter | time lapse Just uploading it down for memories! 100,000 subscribers ❤️ Baby bites big sister’s finger Johny Johny, Yes Papa Baby moving in belly at 27 weeks Kids beating up Daddy Kids partying Paw Patrol Skye taking my food order PUTTING TOGETHER MY DESK l time-lapse HAPPY 8TH BIRTHDAY, EMMA DELILAH ♥️ She hit her head hard VLOG | First time at a baseball game! Go Crawdads!! Toddler pretends to be a hamster 2X SPICY NOODLE CHALLENGE ft. MY HUSBAND | a for fun video 2 toddlers, 1 unripe banana JigJab Putting up the Christmas Tree! Not really a Youtube Channel trailer VLOG | The Children's Museum If you're happy and you know, clap your hands. Babies jumping on the bed Chloe laughing at herself It’s all fun and giggles until someone gets hurt Baby throws up milk on daddy Big sister comforting crying baby brother Toddler boy prays Funny farting toddlers Baby getting first ears pierced at 8 months old How to get kids come to you 1 year old climbs out of crib 30 weeks pregnant Translating into Hmong Toddler jumping in a pile of leaves 🍂 HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, CHLOE ELIZABETH ❤️ CANDY CHALLENGE | How did they do? TIME LAPSE OF CHLOE'S HUMPITY Baby belly in the way 14 weeks and 6 days pregnant ARMYS SINGING MIC DROP BEFORE THE CONCERT at METLIFE STADIUM, NEW JERSEY DAY 1 (May 23rd, 2019) Surprise birthday for Tony! He was surprise surprise 😂 Happy birthday to our favorite person! ♥️ Baby woke up and feel back to sleep WATER TESTING WITH GOPRO HERO 4 SILVER SURPRISING EMMA DURING LUNCH TIME They did me dirty! Why they gotta do that too me? Did you have a good nap? Baby laughs over a piece of chicken and a cup Baby tries to put on shoes BIG BOSS SOPHIA Toddler doesn't want daddy to go to work Love waking up next to my baby ♥️ Crazy Kids Horseback Riding on their Daddy Cute baby being silly with Grandma Funny toddler plays piano and singing Old Town Road/Need to Calm Down ft. Carter Kid on “giggle” juice 18 weeks and 6 days pregnant Mommy Mang Comforting a sick grumpy baby BTS SPEAK YOURSELF: LOVE YOURSELF TOUR 2019 AT METLIFE STADIUM DAY 1 | Mic Drop 🎤 HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, SOPHIA ISABELLA ♥ Japanese Candy ft. TokyoTreat November 2019 Premium Subscription Box 2 bucket fighting Saw a video on fb & we tried to attempt the game Baby do Harlem Shake Carolina Panthers won against Packers! 30-24 😬 Cute baby and toddler fights over bowl of food Pooping baby Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I told my kid I ate all their Halloween Candy 2017 | Emma edition Toddler boy gets his 1 year shots HAPPY 7TH BIRTHDAY, EMMA DELILAH ❤️ Silly toddlers in Hmong Clothes! I have some of the sweetest friends ever ❤️ EMMA RIDES THE SCHOOL BUS The toilet is smoking prank on daddy! Silly toddler spinning around Sad baby after getting 7 months shots What’s Inside Chloe’s Treasure Box? Waiting for big sister CUTE TODDLER PRETENDING TO BE BATMAN PT 2 Imaginary puppets Big sister talking to unborn sister in belly WHAT ARE YOU DOING? Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I told my kids I ate all their Halloween Candy 2017 | Carter & Sophia edition Baby taking a bubble bath Hungry newborn baby Silly kids playing with slingy on staircase 17 weeks and 6 days pregnant Emma's word: Poo-poo, fishy and done while pooping Baby wants attention! Happy Mother's Day from Emma Delilah Baby sister is so happy to see big sister Time lapse — Going to Walmart Cute baby eating little puffs and yogurt melts Daddy gets stuck on the playground Kids pretend play delivering babies 😂 Cutest little human being ❤️ Baby nibbles on a leaf Cute baby picking nose Sophia's Pob Zeb VODKA PRANK ON MY HUSBAND Baby only says dada Eating Crab Legs VLOG | October 2019 Santa strolling through town! Kids are so innocent 9 month old baby getting shots It just shows you how much smarter girls are than boys 😂 Baby pretends to sleep and snore Kids don’t share! TRYING THE RING TEST Newborn baby having a bad dream Baby Mangoes and Nam Pla Wan When your Hmong parents are too shy to do poses DOING SOME YARD WORK • SAHMOMMAMANG Baby struggles to take off hat Baby moving in belly at 34 weeks VLOG | Surprise Baby Shower for TWIN BOYS!! Toddler trying to do peace sign 😂 Ouch, ouch, ouch! 1 year old saying family’s name Newborn baby awake and alert Mom ripping boiled chicken/qaib vom! Yummy!! Slither.io Sophia loves John Ramsey Yang HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY, SOPHIA ISABELLA ♥️ Silly toddlers pretending to jump rope! Baby moving in belly at 34 weeks pregnant And Sophia still doesn’t get a big hug! Daddy tickling cute baby Rare moment of 2 sisters playing together Iron Man needs to pee too VLOG | Statesville Leisure Pool 2017 Emma in her Hmong clothes Chloe trying to wake up her Love 24 weeks pregnant Comforting my constipated baby Slowest face punch ever WAITING FOR BIG SISTER & EMMA LETS YOU KNOW WHO HER FAVORITE SIBLING IS Cute baby eats ice cream VLOG | My mother's rice field. Hmoob mov nplej tshiab! Tidying up the kids room time lapse! Baby moving in belly at 35 weeks HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY, CARTER ASHER ❤️ Newborn Emma at one week old HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, CHLOE ELIZABETH ♥️ Baby sings Silly face 1 year old repeats face parts in Hmong Baby Shark Doo Doo Doo Doo Hmong Toddler Eats Papaya Salad Sleepy newborn baby boy When you watch too much Korean drama with your mom SPOON ON THE NOSE TRICK Silly cousins! TODDLER FEEDS BABY A SLICE OF LIME Baby got scared of remote control car Mirror Maze at Myrtle Beach so FUNNY! Scared of the microwave 4 year old toothbrush fell down the drain Never ran so fast in my life! Cute Asian toddler having tea party with daddy HOW IT IS TAKING PHOTOS OF KIDS. Poop prank on Chloe Chloe laughing at Daddy Boss Chloe don’t need any help! Carole Baskin TikTok HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, SOPHIA ISABELLA ❤️ Sophia's First Steps Copying TikTok iPack Baby Bowling Diaper Bag Backpack Review Always singing her favorite song! Rolling baby Crying newborn baby boy CUTE BABY DANCING TO LEEKONG XIONG Emma Goes to the Dentist DATE VLOG | Going on a date with my husband. Tummy time for 4 month old baby Johnny Johnny? Yes Papa. Wives gone for the weekend | husband & kids excited to see us 😂 After 2 months of school, Emma is married. HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY, CHLOE ELIZABETH ♥️ HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, CARTER ASHER ❤️ Making Stuffed Bitter Melon Soup It was a bad idea FaceTiming my Chloe Baby doesn't like Santa Baby eats sesame ball. Are you blushing? My Number 1 Fan!! WEEKLY VLOG #2 | Easter  2017 Big sister making baby brother laugh Did Sophia get a hug? Toddler with Pitbull and her newborn puppies These crab legs are bomb dot com! Big sister loves her little brother TODDLER DOES MY MAKEUP • SAHMOMMAMANG Baby gets 4 months shots HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY, EMMA DELILAH ❤️ Cute sisters playing and laughing at each other in a diaper box Baby in doorway jumper Kid Eating Korean Spicy Noodles 🔥 BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS 2019 BEST DUO/COUPLE WINNER | BTS, Bangtan Boys ♥️ Mama Chloe and her puppies Kids hiding from daddy on Valentine's Day FAILED MAGIC TRICK: you can't trick me, daddy! Carter loves Grandma’s Cooking!! Popping bubble wrap Sophia's first bath at home 25 weeks and 2 days pregnant Funny Baby Doctor Chloe ultrasound on Pregnant Daddy What Do You Mean Toddler’s reaction to her daddy’s haircut $10 face paint RUINED Slow motion jiggly cheeks 26 weeks pregnant Deebooty (our robotic vacuum) almost killed my child Tiktok VLOG | Meeting my great rainbow nephew, Nicholas Cage MOTIVATION MONDAY is my laundry day VLOG | Myrtle Beach, SC 2019 YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL TO ME — The Little Rascals VLOG | Judy & Sa's Hmong Wedding VLOG | Chloe “swims” lol Toddler says bad word Silly kid eating chicken and burps Making baby cry on purpose RING DOORBELL | When your husband is at work & need to move in the package 😂 Sometimes she just wants to be a newborn again If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. 31 weeks pregnant Happy Squeals! TIME LAPSE EP. 5 | CLEANING • SAHMOMMAMANG Chilling toddler MOTIVATION MONDAY | cleaning the room + office Messing around with my cute nephew Baby likes seeing himself on front camera ❤️ HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, CARTER ASHER ♥ Cheese challenge on Sophia 🧀 When you’re mad at yourself Cute Hmong baby dancing to Xy Lee Daddy is home from work! 27 weeks and 3 days pregnant Human train HOW PATIENCE ARE YOU? Showing kids WHY IT'S IMPORTANT TO WASH HANDS. Toddler bowling a dandelion Toddler overcoming her fear of crossing playground bridge Homeschooling making me feel some type of way 2X SPICY NOODLE FAIL ft. EMMA & CARTER | a for fun video Pooping baby It’s too heavy, you’re not strong enough! Cute baby does Gwiyomi Song Baby's first time on swing Cute baby looking at own reflection Someone got proposed to at Gryffin Tour @The Fillmore Charlotte 11/16/19 HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, EMMA DELILAH ❤️ Sophia Does Makeup! VLOG | Cabarrus County Fair 2016 Toddler cussing HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, CHLOE ELIZABETH ❤️ Original Halal Guys in New York at 10pm! VLOG | Georgia Trip! Kid gets electronic face brush stuck in hair SORRY UNCLE LIONEL | The girls reaction to their auntie’s first YouTube video. Toddler and flashcards SOPHIA MAKES A VID | Eating beef jerky 6 months old getting immunization VLOG | Emma & Carter's dental surgery Eating snow ~ VlOG | Quick Easter Sunday 2019 A match for his candle (oops) | HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY, CARTER ASHER ♥️ Singing the birthday song to my Sophia Silly baby and her silly faces HAPPY 4TH BIRTHDAY, SOPHIA ISABELLA ♥️ Putting on Makeup | time lapse Something she’s been saying lately, lol Chloe’s real laugh ♥️ VLOG | Ramsey Creek Park TODDLER BOY CHECKING OUT MANNEQUIN When you like swimming too much...... Baby's first bath at home Cute toddler singing, For The First Time in Forever from Frozen How big sister take baby out of bed Newborn baby doing tummy time Baby tries to bite daddy's toe Baby girl is awake and everyone is so happy! 5 month old trying to crawl Silly kids rolling on flat grass When I didn’t have a cellphone yet HEY JIMMY KIMMEL, I TOLD MY KIDS I ATE ALL THEIR CANDY 2016 Baby acts all innocent when she sees she was being recorded Baby getting ears pierced 1 month old getting immunization Stinky breath war Dalgona Coffee Baby playing peek-a-boo Kid go crazy with giggle juice ASMR | Crunchy Mama Noodles ft. Chloe! Diam Nplooj Ntoos VLOG | Silly time at the park. VLOG | Sophia plays with a fly! Baby is NOT in the laughing mood 7 month old baby talking OPENING MY SILVER PLAYBUTTON FROM YOUTUBE This is how Emma says PAPAYA. When you grab the wrong size shirt. Haha. Laughing baby For my Hmong People | That one trend #kuvntxub Meet Chloe ❤️ Being extra CUTE KID EATS PHO Water bottle prank 😂 Sophia singing Baby Shark Feeling a little blue. no comment Funny Cheese Challenge! HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY, CARTER ASHER ♥️ Cute baby farts VLOG | Mama Mang's Birthday Hangout, WWC Ice Skating & VBGB Beer Garden Silly cute toddler reenacting of how she hurt her finger while swimming today Making Sour Bamboo Soup VLOG | Date to K1 Speed Go Karting in Concord They thought I was taking pictures 28 weeks and 3 days pregnant 4-year-old singing C.O.T. by Ka Lia Universe 💫 When your brother picks up your packages for you Time Lapse of a boring SAHM's day with 4 kids! Sophia singing Yog Los Mas by ZPX Quick lunch at Be-Em in Charlotte Cute fraternal twin baby boy nephews talking to each other. Meet my son, Carter Asher Surprise birthday for Ab & Brike! Chloe silly singing to Leekong Xiong’s Nyiam Nyaim Koj Hey Girl, You Like Me A Little Bit TikTok Chloe My attempted vlogging! Baby Chloe is 5 weeks old VLOG | Defy. Just cutting the grass! Cute toddler reenact to Q Park’s video of BTS (Blood, Sweat & Tears) Baby pretends to be a Puppy Toddler loves Masha and the Bear show on Netflix HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY, DEEBOOTY ♥️ HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY, CARTER ASHER ❤️ TIME LAPSE | DAY IN THE LIFE OF A SAHM • SAHMOMMAMANG Kid first time doing Virtual Reality on PS4 21 weeks and 6 days pregnant Happiest Father’s Day ♥️ ft. Boomf Is it a ghost? TIME LAPSE | MAMA NOODLE MUKBANG Moj Moj Claw Machine with the kids Scaring Chloe! Pretending to take her picture Baby eating food from fork. HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY, CARTER ASHER! Newborn baby first bath after being born Kids being silly HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY TO MY FATHER 💙 BTS SPEAK YOURSELF: LOVE YOURSELF TOUR 2019 AT METLIFE STADIUM DAY 1 | Fake Love Chloe putting nail polish on Luna VLOG | Corn Maze HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY, EMMA DELILAH ❤️ Decorating for sister’s wedding! | Time Lapse Cute newborn baby girl Baby gets her 9 months shots LOL. Clock or cock? VLOG | Visiting grandma at Hickory's Thursday Market. Cute chubby 10 months old baby falls asleep Baby misses big sister and brother Hungry newborn baby boy Old Town Road Hmong toddler lip singing to Suddenrush, Daim Nplooj Ntoos ❤️ Emma turns 9 months old. VLOG | Carowinds Amusement Park Cute baby scared of toy dog! SOPHIA GOT SCARED RING DOORBELL | Someone stole sandal off my porch! I tried to make a Memoji to look like Chloe. Her excitement for her big sister is so cute ❤️ Meet my 3rd born child, Sophia Isabella WHY DID YOU CUT YOUR HAIR? Toddler still wants formula Why are you so goofy? VLOG | Kiddie Pool Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I told my kid I ate all their Halloween candy 2015 50 PEPPER PAPAYA SALAD CHALLENGE! Just another one of them cleaning videos | Time Lapse Happy 65th birthday, Mommy! Old grandpa voice Concealed Gun Class ✅ FF: Tickling Emma. BABY GENDER REVEAL |  blue or pink, what do you think?